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Yensi Vente Espana

I am a first-generation college student, and when I came to the U.S. I did not speak English. Dr. D. helped me during the process of applying and getting ready for college. I first attended community college to improve my English and earn an Associates degree. My first semester was very challenging because I was not used to being responsible for my assignments or very organized. I did not realize the large amount of schoolwork I had to do outside of class: homework, readings, studying, quizzes, exams, and writing assignments. I found it very difficult in the beginning, but I got better through the years with the help of Dr. Di Benedetto. I am proud to say that I earned my Associates degree with honors and transferred to a four-year college where I earned my Bachelors in Social Work and graduated magna cum laude! I have been working with Dr. D. for more than seven years. She is my mentor and my go to person when I need advice. She is always there for me. I cannot express how grateful I am to have her in my life!

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Dr. A. Morales

My son was struggling in his second semester in college and at risk of being placed on academic probation.  Dr. DiBenedetto provided support, encouragement, understanding, and taught him educational skills necessary to work independently in a college setting. After several sessions we saw a turnaround in our son’s academic work.  His grades began to improve by setting attainable goals and by time management of his studies. Our son continued to improve his grades and graduated from his university with a 3.4 G.P.A. He later went on to earn a master’s degree in business applying the same skills that Dr. DiBenedetto taught him in his undergraduate years. While this is the first time I am writing a testimonial, it is written from the heart. My son is really doing well and I will always be grateful for the work Dr. D. did with him!

Dr. DiBenedetto’s services helped our son learn to succeed!

Ms. Robin Krutman

Dr DiBenedetto helped my son so much!  We were really concerned he wasn’t going to
graduate. But with weekly meetings, she helped keep his schoolwork organized, helped him set
up and complete weekly goals, and made sure he didn’t miss any assignments. My son has
ADHD and she provided him with the support he needed to be successful and complete college!
I wish I had found her sooner!

Adam Krutman

Dr. D. is a joy to work with! She really cares about the students she works with and takes the
time to really get to know you and your needs, not only academically but in life. I made a
complete turnaround once I started working with her. Dr. D. is a very positive person and helped
me become a more organized and confident person.

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