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Reach Your Goals with Confidence!

Welcome to Learning to Succeed!

Dr. Maria DiBenedetto (also known as Dr. D.) is an Educational Psychologist who uses research-based approaches to help students achieve academic and personal growth and to feel in control of their lives!

 Dr. DiBenedetto specializes in support of: 


Dr. D.'s Services Plan:



  1. Assessment – gathering information - student and family discuss academic challenges

  2. Coaching – receive weekly/biweekly academic success training

  3. Energize – feel motivated and excited about learning 

  4. Improve – practice using skills learned independently with semi-monthly or monthly help from Dr. D.

  5. Transfer – regulate your own study habits and meet deadlines, check-ins only as needed!



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Learning to Succeed

Dr. D. meets virtually with students to provide them with the strategies they need to succeed. Through self-regulated learning, students will be taught ways to pursue their goals, monitor their progress, and reflect on their performance. These skills empower learners by giving them the tools needed to self-manage. 


Examples of challenges Dr. D. helps students with:

  • reading faculty syllabi and understanding grading expectations

  • setting daily goals and sticking to them

  • planning ahead using a daily and weekly calendar

  • self-advocating with faculty and staff

  • understanding assignment requirements

  • monitoring progress toward goal completion

  • using feedback on assignments to improve

  • managing demanding athletic, academic, and social schedules

  • learning effective studying, notetaking, and test-taking strategies

  • preparing to apply for jobs and enter the workforce

  • balancing social media distractions (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter)


 Educational therapy differs from tutoring. Tutoring focuses on what students are learning; educational therapy focuses on how students are learning. Once you have these skills, you can use them in daily living, including your career!


All sessions are virtual making it convenient for you to meet from anyplace in the world!

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